Final Year Project #13 Challenging


A:  Who wants to be a scientist??
Others: Emaaa!!!! EMA!
Me: .......

A: Who wants to be a lecturer??
Others:........*dead silence*
Me: "Seriously? No one shouting my name now??"

It seems like they know me, but they are not. 
I'm really 'flattered' you are praying for my success as a scientist, but honey, that's not my future plan @ top priority. 

A scientist can be a lecturer, and a lecturer can be a scientist. 

But my interest is residing on one side. 
I know it's 'adat' for calling out and pointing fingers to other (not to themselves), but we are senior now, I don't think people will drop this so-called custom soon until they get married.

Imagine a 35 y/o citizen picking other people names, can't! Because no such things will probably happen.   

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Sometimes it can be ok, but sometimes it can be really annoying. How true it may be, I just want my small voice to speak out and say 'Don't talk of others, talk of yourselves'

It's really irritating, especially when it's wrong.

I never said I want to become a 'scientist', who is the person in the world said that?? Don't mess with my future.


Dah habis sesi lepas perasaan. 
My current progress in thesis.

Since thesis submission - which supposedly is tomorrow - is postponed to 24th May, we got extra 2 weeks to finish the unfinished business. Yet, I'm still planning on submitting earlier. Already plan this before they drag the due date. So be it. I'm so sorry my SV since she's probably struggling to check my draft gain and again. 😃

Today is seminar day by Dr. Kamariah Long, a prominent figure in Biotechnology Research from MARDI. She's the 'Coconut Queen'.And bla bla bla talk talk. 

So, one important thing she said was 'to develop an identity'

it reminds me of a quote; 

In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different

I got what I came for. I was preparing for my VIVA @ Oral presentation for my FYP, encountered a lot of shortcomings in my research. Since basically this title was offered by my Supervisor, the sense of belongings is not there. Meaning, you are conducting a project as 'hired worker'. You do what you are asked to do. It creates a barrier, a limitation to what you can do. 

Sadly, I just break through the barrier recently,. It took a while, but I missed it.  

Right now I'm creating a counterplan.
By digesting knowledge and more research and reading. 

p/s: aaahh. Emma Swan will no longer be in Once Upon a Time.. She is the story! Save the savior

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