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May 27, 2021

"It just nuggets and fries. Apa yang specialnya?..."

BTS has revealed a long list of collaboration this year with brands like Lotte Chilsung, SMART, Coway and even Louis Vuitton! So, when the first teaser for McD collab popped out in April, ARMY went frenzy.

Finally, something that is affordable and accessible worldwide.

With a large dedicated fanbase, McDonald has collab with BTS to release a special meal set. According to the McD Marketing Execsit was the band special memories with the franchise that's matter. "We have dear memories with McDonald from our trainee days. We didn’t hesitate to partner up!" - said Jin with Buzzfeed Korea.

The special set - "BTS Meal" is launched starting on 26th May, and Malaysian has the privilege to be the first one (among 50 countries chosen) to get their hands on this meal.

McD has made special changes and preparation for the arrival of ARMY - McD crews worldwide wear a custom shirt with Hangeul, a pride to the Korean, set up a fast lane (just in Malaysia) and all other decorations in store. 

Only in Malaysia McD. Source Twitter: @ggukeuphria_

McD crew T-shirt

As soon as the clock hit 10, the McDonald website crashed, people lining up in the restaurant and cars waited for half an hour (or more) at the drive-thru, just to get this meal. 

What is BTS Meal

The menu is handpicked by the members themselves. The reason for the selection is not disclosed.

The BTS Meal set comes with:
  • 10 pcs Nuggets
  • 1 french fries (medium)
  • 1 coke (medium)
  • 1 sweet chilli sauce 🆕
  • 1 cajun sauce 🆕

I ordered through McDelivery which scheduled for delivery at 3:30 pm. The moment the dispatcher pulled out the BTS meal bag...

"Where is the BTS packaging?" I frowned.

What special about BTS Meal?

Unlike McD previous partnership with Travis Scott, BTS meal does not include burger,  which is McD signature meal. Instead, the BTS meals are basic - fries, nuggets and coke. No new formula. It is a speculation that the band avoid using beef and pork as a sign of respect for people's belief and religion.

Thus, it's the sauce that needs to be interrogated. 

The new sauces are inspired by the recipes from South Korea's branch. As someone with a low tolerance for spicy food and a picky eater (but loves nugget), this is my honest review of the sauces.

Cajun sauce

This creamy sauce, you can really taste the mustard tanginess and the acidity of the vinegar. It's not a familiar sauce among local, so this is a new taste. Besides, I don't really like mustard. That spiciness starts to kick in when you eat non-stop.

Rate: 6/10

Sweet Chilli sauce

I am not a fan of chilli sauce. Big fat no no for me. So, those chilli pieces turned me off. I thought I'll love Cajun more than this. But, when I took that first bite, the sweetness changes the whole game. I can taste the chilli but it is not too spicy.  I like this one more.

Rate 7.5/10

Remember, everyone taste palate is different. This is subjective, maybe you can try and judge the sauce by yourself. 

Let's talk about the packaging

The show-stealer of this collab, the custom made packaging.

BTS logo that symbolizes a door.

That bright purple nugget box and cup can't go unnoticed. Purple is not just a colour for BTS and ARMY.

McD has come out with a special purple packaging with BTS logo and Hangeul words that spell "Borahae" means - "I purple you", a word exclusively made by BTS's V to express his love for ARMY.

“Purple is the last color of the it means I will trust and love you for a long time.”.
-BTS's V at BTS's Muster concert 2016

For ARMY, these packagings are collectable, a new addition to their BTS shrine. I recycled the pretty cup as my palette knife holder, then place it close to my RJ Funko Pop. I see soo many ways ARMYs get creative, utilizing the package. With that, the crews kindly place the fries in a normal bag to avoid oil stain on the BTS x McD paper bag. A small gesture appreciated by the M-ARMY.

They put my BTS bag in the McShaker bag

The designs are different across the globe. For example, Canada includes a maple design with translation on the packaging.

Sadly, the purple nugget box and purple cup are not distributed in the US, a disappointment for US ARMY. Thus, ARMY in countries where the BTS Meal has not yet made available, don't expect too much. 

Too pricy?

Looking at the price point, BTS Meal is actually cheap.

9 pcs nugget set cost RM16.51. With BTS Meal, you can get this menu set (Extra 1 nugget) with 2 new sauces and custom made packaging at only RM17.83.*Price comparison based on McD website. 

But, I am going to buy this once. I am not a fast-food regular, cuba sekali dah cukup. 


No photocard. News that distraught the ARMY. There is no photocard with the purchase of BTS Meal (which ARMYs are already aware of prior to the release). 

But! You can buy the BTS x McD collab merchandise separately at the Weverse Shop (Online shop by HYBE Labels). 

There are tote bag, bathrobe, slippers, tapes, notebook pouch, T-shirt and etc. With these merch purchased, then, you will get a random photocard.

Take away (pun intended)

BTS Meal is the first McDonald celebrity meal that is promoted globally, target towards ARMY. Introducing two new dipping sauces in a menu selected by the members, while promoting the Korean culture in a subtle way. For ARMY, this is their Happy Meal.

The BTS Meal promotion is limited - only available from 26th May to 25th June 2021.  


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