i'm tryin' my best ^__^

I'm tryin my best..
to be a strong person...
Stupid me..
Everyone always say..
'We different la....'

We don't ..
We all the same..
We all have the same problem....
But,it's just depend on the person to convey their feelings..
and if they do,everyone will realize and said - that person is just same as me..

But do you know what make us All different..


so that's why,I don't want my fate to be like others
I do believe in my fate..
i want to change it(if it's bad fate),because..Allah will help me if i help myself..
So,i want to grab to that strength..
never let go..
hold it tight and never look back..
So that one day..
my strength will Shine everyone~..

Shine like a hoshi no Hikari..
light of stars in a darkness..

♫♪Never break down.....♯ What make you a special person is something that hidden beneath your heart.You just need to know where to go and where to find it~♪♫

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