September 24, 2010
I'm addicted...
To this video..
1 -Charice is SUPERB..not to mention juz 15 years old on this video
2- The Korean panelist(super junior) on the bleachers are HILLARIOUS
3- Charice is amazing and talented Singer..

I first discover Charice on Oprah Show and I think that 2 years ago when she was juz 16 singing 'I have Nothing' Vowing Oprah,the crowds and the all people at home...
She amazing..She just resemble Celine Dion,Whitney Houston and etc..
beside she can mimic others singing like Lady Gaga,Britney,Rihanna,can rap(ha3),can dance and oh yes..can sing like justin bieber with an awesome hairflipping trademark.HA3.

And what i like about this Charice is that she a humble person with small size person with a big voice~..and she's a philipines..

1st time on Starking

Guess what..Charice sang with kyuhun from super Junior...~ha3..~Juz telling to make my friends jelous..HOHOHO!

2nd appearance on Star King

3rd appearance?

of course there is was on air on 24 July 2010..
But i'm really lazy to embeded..he3..

p/s: Can;t believe i'm gonna fly tomorrow..Goodbye school.C u this monday..Piqa take care of our classmates for me..Say to them i was on vacation~Bye

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