Letter to Blog

To Ema-Mel0dy.blogspot.com

          Dear Blog,
                I'm writting this so call 'letter' aka post  to you with uncertain feeling.More like a anger,hatred or sadness.I just go home from store~Guess what,i just replcace my suitcase.The one that I always carried to school everyday.Well,that suitcase was badly damaged or I can say..RIP OFF..It was an accident...i didn't mean to do it.Bad news is,I try to search at PSI but I couldn't find the same one.Good News is,I bought another one that is Yellow in colour.he3~Matching my school uniform not to mention my favourite colour.
              Emphathy.Do you know what that is?Come on,even a 6 grade knows it.Try to feel a person feeling.Try to know it and feel it.Does anyone know and care any of that?Sometimes they do but sometimes they don't.Especially the one who hurt other people.Who Care?THEY?Absolutely Zero!They smile and their eyes is full of satisfication.They must feel so satisfy and..and..AND 'happy' for what they did.They did it again and again and again.Seriously!I WANT THEM TO STOP!Stop doing that.It will make me fill with tears and anger.I don't like that.What's more..I don't want to be the victim.I don't like that.
          They don't honest with.They make a fun out of you coz they don't care,they will be 'happy' and they think that their action is not important at all...........

         My head hurt..My ears recently too.I don't know why...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...I just laughed..HAHA..Thank You 'prince frog' aka Putera Katak on TV3 now.Ha3.The prince and the Dad  are running in their dream and the prince is chasing the father.KahKahKah.Poor Guy.Tina's Father is getting crazy every day n night because...ohh..oh well..I want to tell stories about Putera Katak but I think no one care.He3.
        Well,pen off..OPSS.Tina about tooo.*silent*.Thanks Blog.NO.Thanks Post Blog,for giving me chance to..write something~KAHKAHKAH!oh my,I laughed again!Ammar oh Ammar!He's dreaming in hi..Oh well.Bye.Salam


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