i have bad news and good news..

bad news  : tomorrow is debate
good news : our opponent for first round back out and walk away
good news : we are going to the second round
bad news : we need to draw lock wether we get the opposition or government
good news :  if we win this round,we will go to semi-final
good news :  there had been a talk that our second opponent also will 'retreat',but not confirm yet
bad news : if they back out,then we will meet SMKKGB and the fierce Adik Sofea,our ex-student
bad news : teacher doesn't want male students as our 3rd speaker for both gov and oppose team
bad news : Ema going to replace him and  be the third speaker for opposition team T.T (devastating) while being the 1st speaker for gov team
bad  news :  I'm stress out SOBS3
good news : Ayah inchi,who is a  husband of Cg Raina,who is a English lecturer, going to help us tonite ^_^
Bad news :  i'm nervous to Rebut (bidas) all the issues if i'm the 3rd speaker..hu3..What if i'm blackout during the match..Ya Ampun.Nauzubillah...


good news : 5
bad newz : 7

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