Pengalaman Speaking Test Muet 2013 : What to Expect..


This is my experience for MUET Speaking Test that I partook in 2013.

Ema daftar sebagai calon persendirian.Jadi,ema nak beritahu  bahawa;
  • Ema tak ambil kelas MUET mahupun pergi seminar
  • Ema dikelilingi oleh calon persendirian jugak
  • This is MUET speaking experience a from private Candidate point of view.

Ema hadir ke MUET speaking test yang bermula pada pukul 11.00 bertarikh 2/7/2013. Sesi ke-2. Alhamdulillah, ema mengalami simptom biasa seperti terbangun tengah malam, rasa berdebar dan lain-lain.

What to Expect in quarantine room;
  1. Quarantine bermula pukul 11.00am. According to the time given, after half an hour, baru boleh start.
  2. You will be assigned as candidate A, B C or D.
  3. People could feel intimidated by other candidates. Brush it off.
  4. While in the quarantine room, your handphone will be confiscated.
  5. Buat pilihan siapa yang nak start discussion and siapa yang nak buat conclusion dalam task B. Don't wait until inside the exam venue to determine.
  6. The candidate either be friendly or be lonely. Untuk rasa selesa, try to know other candidates who will be in the same time session.
  7. Waiting for 2 hour isn't long. Ema dapat last group and jugak my name is the last. In addition, there is only 3 person in a group. Terima kasih kepada student with index ****/3570 sebab kerana andalah ema tak jadi candidate D .
  8. When the invigilator gives you the chance to go to the toilet. JUST GO.

Go Go Go!!

What to expect Expect inside the Exam venue ;

  1. You can bring in your stuff and put them at the provided area for safety.
  2. Sit according to your place. Start to read the question as soon as you sit down.
  3. Make mental note while they are asking you to read the question.
  4. The examiners will ask each candidate if they have inquiries. Starting with A until D.
  5. Nak tahu masa 2 minit untuk buat notes sangat singkat. I see the other two candidates jot down their main points and that's it. Try to read other blogs, ask other, read books on how to write simple notes in 2 minutes.
  6. Tapi buat simple notes pun macam jeling-jeling jer. Sebab kepala dah kaku nak tengok nota. Lastly, cakap ikut sedap mulut jer. But, that is better. First, you still have the ability to speak.  Second, you can speak comfortably tanpa tengok notes. Try to make eye contact. 
  7. Ema rasa untuk task A ema cakap lebih 2 minit. Try to be confident. Bila diorang angguk > they give response > full eye contact > Confident embraces you.
  8. My room only had 3 candidates. The disadvantages? it will be less content to discuss and argue on. Walaupun masa sikit, bila suatu ketika akan ada saat dimana anda bercakap dan habis, semuanya senyap. Silence moments.
  9. Crack some jokes. Have the courage to say something silly (but make sense). Barulah yang lain pun gembira bersama~Kah3. Apalah Ema nie, but don't make absurd remarks.
  10. Masa berlalu dengan sangat cepat dan rasa tak percaya - "berjam-jam prepare akhirnya dah habis jugak!!". Candidates will give them self-rewards. Tengok wayang, bowling, karaoke dan shopping. *Don't forget to wear mask*
  11. Someone like me makes a silly mistake - I took the question paper out with me. The examiner makes a polite reminder. "Please Don't take the question with you..".Then, you come to your sense - "She's talking to me".
  12. Task B is much better than Task A sebab korang just rileks dan cakap biasa - like a discussion. Don't forget to choose who will do the introduction and conclusion. If your partners look "unwillingly" or "I have no idea" on how to handle the situation, try to help them by guiding them, not overtake them. Help them so the examiners can help you who help them. Get it? Simple.
  13. The best option (either A, B, C or D) is confusingly hard to choose on. Nasihat Ema. Let it all OUT. Jangan simpan dalam kepala sebab semua tu yang akan anda hidangkan kepada examiners. Mereka tak kisah pilihan anda as long as you give them something to judge. Be generous 😊.
  14. All of this happens soo fast that I could not believe how much efforts I put in, and it just passes like the wind.

Here is my question date 2/7/2013

What is the most(tak ada nie) important donation? 
  1. organ donation
  2. Cash donation
  3. free food to poor
  4. Equipment for disabled

I was candidate C, so I had to discuss on "free food to poor". I remembered talking about biscuits...

In the end, we all collectively choose option 3 as the most important donation.

p/s: My MUET test dah expired in 2019 and I never got to use it.

Good luck MUET Candidates for speaking test on 21-30 September 2020!


  1. Salam. Saya akan ambil muet hujung sem ni, di uia juga, insyaAllah. Tapi masih keliru dengan beberapa prosedurnya. Minta share sikit. Thanks. :)

    1. Procedure speaking?
      1 - kena kuarantin ikut masa yang ditetapkan dalam slip
      2 - dipanggil pergi bilik exam ikut giliran
      3 - 1 minit baca soalan.dibenarkan untuk bertanya kalau tak faham
      4 - 2 minit untuk buat idea presentation
      5 - 2 minit untuk presentation individual
      6 - 2 minit untuk prepare idea group discussion
      7 - 10 minit group discussion

  2. Salam ziarah..akak baru nk amik muet bcoz nk further degree..Nak Tanya ema, kalau calon persendirian maknanya hanya seat for exam jer ke..that means x de la klas la yer?

  3. akak nak tnya untuk student uia wajib ea amik muet ? sy pelajar cfsiium :)

    1. wah..baru cfs ker~

      Setakat nie ada banyak kekonfiusan tentang MUET.Apa yang akak dengar setakat nie ;
      critical course : kena band 4
      selain dari critical course tak perlu MUET.
      tapi tak ada pula hitam putih dari syarat nak graduate UIA - akak tak baca lagi
      seterusnya, sebab UTAMA yang lain kenapa perlu MUET adalah kerana syarat nak dapat kerja perlukan sijil MUET
      Jadi ramai jer ambil MUET, dan jugak yang tak ambil lagi.

  4. saya nk kena muet speaking test senin ni... haduh..dh lama kot xamik exam cam ni... bukan MUET speaking nie mcm kita spm dulu ker?

    1. SPM ?
      Standard soalan lagi susah dari English SPM.
      Ema doakan yang terbaik untuk shikin~

  5. Peace be upon you ema. Just want to ask, the speaking test, are we going to hv it a room with other 3 candidates and can we read what we hv written down? Will the mark be deducted?

    #did i wrote it well? Correct me if there are any mistakes


  6. @Anonymous

    Please be upon you too.

    Yes. The 3 other candidates will be seated with us since it is a group discussion. The Examiners will be seated at each end of the table. You can read the notes you wrote on the paper but don't forget to make eye contact with the others, if not, you will get lower score..

  7. Pengalaman MUET memang menyeronokkan!
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  8. Assalam..ema..nak tanya boleh..prosedur pakaian utk calon prsendirian mcmana ye?sebab saya ambil kat sekolah?sekolah yg saya tak pernah pegi pulak tu..huhu

  9. @Anonymous

    Kalau tak salah Ema waktu Ema ambik dulu, lelaki pakai baju kemeja lengan panjang and seluar panjang lengkap..

    Wanita pakai baju kurung.

  10. Salam akak. Nk tnya, apa prosedur untuk ambil muet di UIA/ CFS ? Terima kasih.

  11. @Anonymous
    Tunggu announcement daripada CFS. Usually CFS akan bukak iklan pendaftaran MUET di CFS.


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