Where have you been?


3 minggu lepas dah plan awal-awal nak balik Jumaat lepas. Right after calculus class, terus naik kereta ke terminal. Thanks akak senior tu sebab tolong hantarkan. Sampai Terengganu, terus pergi Setiu sebab famili stay dekat Sutra Beach Resort for one night since ayah ada kerja.

Awal pagi, pergi tangkap remis and ketam.

Tinggi = 1.30++m sahaja

I don't know the mushroom-like thing coming out from it..
I told him to do the "frog swim"...But.......


Sabtu supposedly be a happy day for our family to celebrate my mother's birthday. But, my dad post a whatsapp message regarding MH370 which has landed safely in Naning. But, it turn out to be false. So, that's when the missing flight of MH370 become a mysterious and hot issue around the world.

Sampai sahaja rumah, packing and terus buka TV. Tune in to Awani Channel.. Ema bercamping depan TV sambil nak siapkan lab report yang hilang data. So kena buat balik sambil telinga pasang dengar TV. Semua pakat buka segala gajet elektronik untuk update pasal MH370. Our dinner outing for my mom birthday was cancelled... And the next morning, i went to the terminal and headed back to Kuantan.

Hour and hour had passed. Still, no news regarding the founding of plane MH370. Day by day, it become so frustrating and sorrow.

Where have you been
In sea?
On land?

People are worried sick .. Even myself woke up at night with terrified feeling for those victims..I hope Allah help those who in need.

People are fighting, who can share the news faster than others without concrete evidence. People put an act as the victim's family. Now, we just patiently waiting for the good news..If not, at least a news on the plane founding. They said the unsinkable ship somehow sink, the safest plane somehow missing..

Where have you been. Your mysterious dissapearance has caused us to be anxious. Day by day, we are waiting.. I don't know if i can wait 2 years for the plane to be found...

It has been three days, I know you are not flying anymore. Could it be this is the real life "LOST" , although i never watch "LOST" i hope for survivors..somewhere.

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