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Bantal golek wangi, meja study, pokok-pokok, tingkap-tingkap~ Apa khabar? Tilam empukku..Kamu di mana?? Inilah jadinya bila tuan empunya tiada dekat rumah, ada sahaja benda kena ubah/hilang/buang/tambah. Tak mengapa, dah ditarik tilam empukku ke tempat asal. Janganlah kita bertindak zalim wahai Blogger-Blogger sekalian yerp~

Alhamdulillah. 1 tahun perjuangan kat bumi UIA sebagai pelajar Bioteknologi. Exam sem nie! Memang mantap soalan. Orang kata, benda lepas jangan dicerita. Cerita kesilapan atau cerita cinta lepas(?), termasuk jugak cerita exam lepas. Tapi nak komen jugakla sebab i felt something wrong with this sem Exam, and it is not the questions fault because the lecturers put on a good "fight" with us but i was not prepared for that. It wasn't hard but I didn't put my armor properly for a melee. And yes I fell.

Apapun. I want to summarize things , things that I have done and things I learnt quiet a lot from my friends and the lecturers.


It was the beginning of my year as a real University Undergraduate Student. I know things is not going to be simple as High School or foundation studies. I was anticipating but not as anticipated as I was about to enter Foundation Studies. I already experience the campus life at PJ, i love it. Especially balancing my life as a student ( i juggling a lot with the constraint time table for 1 yr programme ) and lead a life as a responsible young adult and muslimah. After it all end, i was desperate for the holiday but lie beneath, i don't want to leave PJ  soon, especially my dear roommates whom i barely know for 1 year. 

Back to Kuantan. New thing for us. We don't live in the same area as we did in PJ. Equipped with mass transit, lot of interesting places to go and just almost 15 minutes away from the hustle and bustle of KL. In UIA kuantan, it just you and the nature. Together. Making families with the monkeys, kittens, lizzards, giant "komodo dragon" , stray python (glad i didn't encountered one)..It was new. But i came from rural area, and i like PJ, but as time goes by,  I like Kuantan and its calm and peace nature sound.

1st time datang UIA Kuantan, mestilah rasa tak tentu hala sebab kenapa? Majoriti 95% pelajar sana memang dah geng sejak dari CFS lagi and they walked in pack! So, bila budak 1 year programme masuk mencelah, bukan main susah nak mencelah masuk and make new friends T.T.. Terima kasih sebab ada Inani ( 1yr prgme jugak) same degree and same class. We both are the only 1 yr programme student in biotech 131 and practically 1 or 2 year older than the others. I have no one to talk and therefore bermulalah saat "sengsara" and bahagia nani yang terpaksa melekat dengan Ema. I've been thinking a lot since people always look at us as IF  we are bestie. Why(?) Kalau Ema tak ada, orang tanya Nani Ema kat mana, Kalau Nani tak ada..Errrrr.usually orang tanya Nani sebab Ema kurang aktif ikut programme luar :P.

 Our personalities are really Different. She's strong and cool, I look squishy and weird, She's good at sport,  I fail them, She's relax, I am noisy/loud but shy, she looks mature, I act like a younger sister ( they said i have "aegyo"?? =_=). .Too many contradictions and incompatibilities, I also felt we are like fire and ice. And she is the only one person on this planet who felt uncomfortable calling me "Mama". But in the end, many people didn't know,  my maturity and seriousness come when I handle job or works load. So, most of the normal time, it was hidden like a trump card. So that's where me and Inani are the same, we share the same "principle" in our duties and same dislikes. Oh! And we  like something "bright" and "shiny". We "fight", but still we can laugh or annoy each other . Yang peliknya, we understand each other  -sometimes, i think-.KIH3. Ada juga hal di mana kami sekepala~ But she tough! She tough and sabar with me (eventhough you want to punch me, i don't care)~ Kih3. Kudos to her. thank you. May Allah bless you and ease your life and cease your hardship, and now you can have a relax and happy time at home for 3 month.

Later , i made new friends and "Soulmates"  . Thank you for the sisters~ I don't know the brothers actually, but they sometimes -some- can be unpredictable, annoying, mischievious but -some- are reliable, responsible and helpful. Thank you whomever u r , no need to mention..

 Half of my dear biotech 131 family


p/s: Planning for baking this holiday! I hope for....Tart, cake, cookies..Please let them work. Aminnnnnn.. Oh! And My bestie Fakhy birthday! Selamat Hari jadi, it is summer now right? And the anniversary~~ Congrats~~


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