Keep Calm and Smile?


My Energy is draining OUT

After Medical Biotech paper last wednesday, 
I don't feel like my usual self..

It was a silent moment until now

I cannot smile (tunjuk gigi, kih3) to my friends..
I cannot feel joy and happiness
I cannot feel hyper like always..nak terjah masuk compartment roomate and kacau macam biasa pun tak ada
I cannot do random things 
I cannot be weird
I cannot shout my Idol name "Kak tasneeeeeemmmm"  who is always 10 meter away from me....

I was alone with my classmate in the lift two days ago...

"Ema ok?"
"Senyap jer, biasa cakap banyak.."

Yes.. I pot pet pot pet a lot, tell lame jokes and bluntly speaks to other, kacau diorang, pop out of nowhere.. even in the lift...But, I don't have energy to do that these couple of days...

But I feel tranquility and calm, i can give them smile..fake smile , untuk menjaga hati dan perasaan....But, what am I suppose to do. They realize..

Like my roommate said..

"kalau perangai pelik tu, maknanya normal..tapi kalau senyap..ada yang tak kena la tu..."

Ingin jugak tahu apa masalahnya.....

At least people around me tak sakit kepala, menjerit2, feel disturbed untuk sementara waktu.. hahha..

Keep calm and smile ^_^ 

p/s: Kak Haza nak buat "picnic steambot and puding koktail" Ahad nie..I'll go with all the energy i have..Go GO TAMAGO!

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