Final Exam + Beethoven

December 28, 2015


Final Exam Today!! Fighting. Paper today is the hardest subject we face since the first semester, besides organic chemistry..

Natural Product Paper. All these weird name we need to remember, pathway, reaction etc.

Image result for natural product doodle

Image result for natural product chemistry

But thank you its earlier than other paper. More time to study and focus. Start with the hardest one.

I don't hear much of classical songs. Not interested. But, my classmates favor them and listen them during studying. 
I tried to listen once, but I think i'll fall asleep first @_@

it almost 1.00am now. Tiba2 nak dengar lagu Beethoven. Like this one..

Tengok symphony lagi best ...*angguk2*

Tapi, the most amusing part bila....baca comment youtube. Tergelak Ema pagi buta sorang2

Teringatla pulak Nodame Cantabile...

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