Internship tomorrow


Esok Ema start praktikal sebagai Research Assisstant di UMT. I'm excited, happy and little nervous. but, still cannot wait for my first day at work. 

I prepared some things for tomorrow. I hope i didn't forget to bring those.

My log book

My love letter from UIA to UMT

My lab coat

But i cannot find an extra notebook.

That's fine. Our house has bundle of unused notebooks. I just need to ransack, who knows what and where..

I realized I'm the first Biotech student to start my practical tomorrow since my own supervisor request to start on Sunday. Others will start this Monday. That's fine. Thank you for your attention dear Dean of food Science and technology UMT.

I also need to read more on UMT background, the research on protein and start to work on the report one by one. No delay.

P/S: I'm sad n shocked to hear my favorite you tube cover artist died from gunshots during fan signing in Orlando, US. Listening her cover  on "Titanium" now make it more....

But I'm happy because 90s manga/anime of Sakura is having a sequel and the first chapter is out...Fan squeal! #90sanimerevive #childhoodmemories

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