Egg Drop Challenge


Today English for Occupational Class we did a challenge called 'Egg Drop Challenge'. No lecture today which is awesome, sebab ramai tak sabar nak balik kampung cuti raya seminggu~

We were told to bring straws, an egg and masking tape. What we need to do was to design a model to protect our precious egg from breaking. The model with egg will be dropped from high place.

Meet our 'Star of Universe'. He/She was born, wrapped in egg carton with lots and lots of masking tape and straws.

Then, our baby star - believed to be strong enough- was dropped from a height. We let it go.


He/She survived!!!Banzai!

Then I took it back to Mahallah, 

boiled it 

and eat it with Laksa Penang.

You served well.  


Other creative design is to place the egg inside a bottle fill with water. Good one.
The egg survived too!

It reminds me of Detective Conan movie, Phantom of Baker Street
Climax Scene in train.

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