Heads down Potterhead!


It took me a month and half to hold this book. Thank you Mr. President for making my 'dream' comes true. >.<

For those who don't know, Harry Potter has a 8th book - 'Harry Potter and the Cursed Child'. It cost RM119. So, thanks again Mr. President for lending me this book and I'm not the one who lost the receipt inside. 


The story is about Harry and his friends who are already in middle-age. Set 19 years after battle of Hogwarts. The story continue to their next generation as Albus Severus Potter and Scorpius Malfoy try to cope with  family legacy and wild rumours related to He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Name. Meanwhile, Harry is juggling his life at Ministry and life as a father to Albus.

I'm bad at doing review. So, not much reviewing.

To be exact, it is not a story in novelish way. The 8th story is originally a stage play in London and  the script later is published in a book. Although, i do miss J.K Rowling story telling. It's more....adventurous, detailed and simply magical. The story instead is written like a play, like a script. So, no need Oxford dictionary by your side all the time.

Again, this book is based on a play written by Jack Thorne with original story from HP Novel of course. So, the 'feel' while reading the script is quite different than reading the novel. The time lapse makes me feel the timeline is 'wasted' and rushing. The only time lapse I remember in the novel are revision week, tournament preparation, running away accross the globe etc. - which are relevant. Maybe i was really greedy for adventure in Hogwarts. 

As i read through the script, I felt amused and giddy inside to read the after story, like what happens to the characters. You read THE END. But somehow the story feels as if there is actually no end. Harry is getting old and busy. Draco still has temper and more fatherly (not surprisingly). Ron still...Ron. I guess everyone is growing up. Scorpius Malfoy is definitely a character which readers will fond of. I know I do. He is nothing like his father. He can be innocent sometimes. 

Harry's nightmare

Platform 9 3/4

I smell trouble...

Before I start to read, a question pops up in my head - who will be the new 'Dark one'. Is there will be one, or none. And who is that child in the nest? The cursed child?

In few words, The cursed child is about relationship, another prophecy, very powerful magical item comeback and play very large role in the whole plot, some shocking revelations and how actually scary is the Trolley Lady and anything from the trolley. Oh, and lots and lots of sentimental scenes with reappearance of characters we love the most.

I think reading the script  is not enough. Watching the play will be more satisfying since it got great reviews. The most memorable scene I think are the Godric's Hollow, Harry and Dumbledore portrait conversation  and a lot more actually.

How many times I confess already (ha3), i really do hope JK Rowling write a novel like the previous one. One year in Hogwarts for one book. But the stage play is quite a treat to Potterhead already. 

In case you want to see a Movie, there will be a new Movie coming soon. Does 'Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them' sounds familiar?.  It's a textbook for students in Hogwarts. The Movie is about the author's journey - so it is like a prequel to Harry Potter which is set way earlier before Harry is born.

p/s: I'm still trying to guess who is actually the Cursed Child in the play.....

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