Final Year Project #7 Worst Case Scenario

December 23, 2016


You know, when Final Year Project student do lab work, there are several things that can haunt them like;

1) Negative result experiment
2) Lack of time/unifinish lab work
3) Accident in lab 
4) Incident in lab 

Today, i experienced no.4....
An unidentified living organism misplace/ stole/"took" away my sample. My precious sabun. And I didn't even start my experiment yet T.T. 

I don't remember putting an invisible chemical in my sample..

I crawled, tip toed and ran like crazy throughout the lab  while searching for my missing soap. My lab mate said it is probably this "beast" who took away my soap

Like seriously. I know my soap "taste" and smell good, but if you took it...shame on you (and it is POISONOUS!). I need to make my sample again - with limited amount of ingredient.... 

I have to make a new one in exam season. I feel like a zombie already. 

But the zombie must live! Ema Fighting!

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