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April 04, 2017


I did write something about my self being introvert in the past. I want to keep writing about it because...I am an introvert. Introvert is my unique identity. 

I came across this video today. It suppose to help others recognize and identify an introvert. But, are the traits really true or is it just bluffing? ....

I keep nodding, laughing and smiling throughout the whole video because it really describing a person like me. It reminisced me of the past time when I have trouble and blank moments as an introvert.

Like you separate a friend and a 'special' friend. I bluntly tell my classmate she just a friend and another one is my 'best' friend even though we are in the same close-knit group chat. So sorrey.

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I never speaks first in a discussion because I prefer to think it through first. When I'm confident, then I that time, someone else already speaks for me (same idea as mine),so I just kept silent and think something else.... It makes me feel like i'm less contributing to the group..

That's what I'm struggling and pushing myself with this senior year.

The most lucky thing is, we treasure our bond with close friend and make them feel special 💕. We share secrets, but most of the time I wrote a diary. Something I wont share with others.  I wrote when I was 12, when I was 13,  15,  17,  20 and when I was 22. I even writing one currently. 

I laugh at one point becoz it makes me 'pathetic'.........I ain't tell ya what it is

p/s: Someone is worried about me since our class is going to have a 2D 1N outdoor activities this May.  Have mercy for this introvert and un-athletic- me. 

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