Home, I'm coming home

Assalamualaikum and good evening

I almost feel like rebelling these past few weeks. Pressure coming from all different sides. Sometimes you wish you could run away, and the best place to run away is home. I could "run away" but not literally "run away". I could run away weeks ago, but I have responsibility. I told myself, 

"you desperately need to take a break before you break yourself"

I made sure I finished up all my lab works.  I actually booked a flight ticket, the earliest as possible. I didn't even tell my supervisor of my 1-week vacation. I bought it like 2-3 weeks ago, and told her 2 days ago.  Ticket first, afterwards tell (her). GE14 is like an excuse for a long break, or maybe because I got lucky GE14 is in between my holiday. 

There's no "SEMESTER BREAK" as a postgraduate student. You may read somewhere, the supervisor doesn't "supervise" or supervisor just wants results, due date. Supervising is a side job - they are also a teacher, a researcher, a parent etc. Sounds freedom. But when you are tied to a contract, you are bound. Right now, I don't care much. Just cut my allowance, my health is my priority. 

Is it Sring?
Oh, It's Summer
It is still Spring
I wish I could go to Hanami
Do I have the chance to experience Hanami?
If I stay like this, can I go Hanami?

p/s: Hanami (花見, "flower viewing")

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