Big Bad Wolf @ Mydin, Terengganu

August 17, 2019

Short post today. I went to the Big Bad Wolf with my whole family at Terengganu. Last time BBW came to Terengganu was in 2015 at UniSZa, my mom went and she was super shocked to see the super low book price. So, this year, we DEFINITELY had to go again to feed our thirst for books. 

This time, the venue is allocated at MYDIN Mall Parking lot. Lost? me too. Be grateful, at least BBW came to my hometown! 

I bought RM213 worth of books, which actually cost up to RM400++, -without the BBW discounts-. Mom bought few books on architecture and design because our family currently are building a homestay. Exciting. My lil bros bought books on plane and aircraft (no surprise). Mine? still the same, general science, non-fiction and sherlock Holmes Malay edition. Need to keep my inner Sherlockian alive. 

Save money, save tree, save plastic, save turtle. Pray that I'm not becoming a "Tsundoku"

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