Gold leaf on a Floral Landscape | Lukisan Acrylic #20

January 10, 2021

I filmed a Vlog of me "Trying" to paint this. It is not a tutorial. I am not that skilful. 

This raw video shows how I made a simple art mistake and try to save it... Hey, I tried. Pit-pat.

Dis-a-saster. A journey to save this painting

The weather was unpredictable. One minute it was raining, suddenly sunshine and then went back to the storm. So, the video lighting was a bit unstable. 

Finish background

Gold leaf is very fragile. Need to handle with care. I have practised using the gold leaf on a modern abstract painting last week. It came out good.

I used PVA glue, not the special Gold Leaf adhesive. That super expensive. The gold leaf still adheres well to the glue but the PVA didn't give me the clean outline of the butterfly.

Applying gold leaf

Shimmering butterflies

This painting is available at my online store ▶ Gold Leaf Butterfly with Floral Background


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