Giveaway Painting Whalien: Painting to Packaging

June 16, 2021


The loneliest whale in the world. "52 Hertz Whale" assumed to be the only whale in the world that sung in 52 Hertz — a decibel much higher than what any ordinary whale possibly could ever hear.

©Ema."Whalien SoWooZoo". 22 x 27 cm. Acrylic on canvas.

This is not what imagine the final outcome would be. Especially the cloud. I want to do a simple sponge dab technique that looks "Cloudy" - pun intended -. But, it looked too hideous, so I resolved to a more detailed cloud. 


Ini lukisan whalien ke-2 Ema. I decided to give this painting away for a Giveaway that I hosted on my Twitter account. A two days event and 27 people participated in that short time. Alhamdulillah.

After 2 days, I got my winner. And not soo unfamiliar one too. She was one of my earliest painting buyer who has been supporting me throughout my journey in Twitter. 


Starting with glossy varnish to protect the painting.

Wrapped with tissue paper.

My cute logo.

Protect with bubble wrap, especially the edge can easily damage.

Ship in a box with shredded papers for aesthetic and make sure your painting is static while shipping.

Certificate of *Authenticity*

Put everything together. I also give her a mask as a free gift.

A sticker label

Last wrapping with the courier plastic bag and also a fragile sticker. I don't want sharp object to poke through the painting.

My first giveaway on Twitter ended successfully with the end of 2 weeks Muster. 

I enjoy it, a lot. I'm giving away this painting worth around RM150, glad that it will be meeting its new owner that I know will cherish it.

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