Malaysia's Supplement Industry: A short Documentary by CNA Insider

October 21, 2021



I got this documentary recommended to me an hour ago. Despite the long whopping 46 minutes, I dedicated that minute amount of my day to watching this video. First, because I watched a CNA insider documentary about sunscreen and the quality is good. Second, it's about supplements in Malaysia.

Now, I have my own stance against supplements (I'm talking about the registered supplement). The question I would ask;

1. Do you REALLY need a supplement?

The answer will be - go consult with health care professionals, doctors, dieticians or pharmacists. 

I'm not surprised if they would suggest you have a proper diet with all the nutrient intake (if no medical condition exists).

Do understand that supplements (like its meaning), are "...products taken by mouth that contain a "dietary ingredient." Dietary ingredients include vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and herbs or botanicals, as well as other substances that can be used to supplement the diet."  US FDA 

Seek professional advice for betterment about the need to take supplement. This is important for your health and also for your finance. Why spend a large sum of money on a product that could potentially bring harm nor do any good for your health?

The Documentary

The demand for health supplements in Malaysia is soaring, with local brands and entrepreneurs making significant strides and profits. But there are side effects of this demand: An e-commerce marketplace for health products plagued by misleading claims and, in some cases, the illegal sale of unauthorised products.

One factor driving this growth is a digital marketing strategy that has outpaced the authorities' ability to regulate the industry. Undercover Asia explores the impact of e-commerce tactics such as influencer marketing and dropshipping. We also dive deep into the source by investigating the cottage industry supporting the manufacturing and production of these supplements.

Source: CNA Insider

The last bit of the interview (Minute 42:25) with the infamous businessperson got my blood boil for his ignorant comment. 

What is happening during the product development? Is there no talk about the product health study at all?? Why is there no science-to-business marketing???

One viewer commented:

My thought at the moment he said that - "You are rich, why can't you invest more in R&D??!"

And, it makes me sad because of how many people actually fall for the claim strategy that these founders would use to sell their products.


  1. eyyyy memalukannya part alif syukri tuuuu. the basic part of making and selling a product is creating something with actual value. if it's genuinely good, people would glorify the product themselves. bukannya buat keluar je produk mengarut pastu sendiri puji melambung sbb nakkan attention ewww

    1. 😣 Sabar ja kita bila tengok part tu.

      Walaupun terang2 dia cakap macam tu, still customer ada. 😐


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