Tutorial : Cara Nak Block Website


we are living in dangerous live right now..What i meant is..INTERNET
there's so many option to try to save ourselves and our love ones from abusing this technology we are using now..
In fact,i think that all of us..THE USERS!US!
MY DEAREST BLOGGERZ Should use this methode to block 18++ website and other website which are not suitable for users
someone like you,someone like me..someone like us

And i shall remind you that we should not take this issues lightly..
so,after months of finding the resolutions..
I finally found it..
YUP..And it work..*wipeeyy*

here is the tutorial

 YOU MUST DO IT NOW for future safety...
Oh..and the number the guy type is ..208:67:222:123 and the second row 208:67:220:123

Oh yeP.Untuk you tube..Just scroll down the you tube page and find the safety link,it says safety:off right?Soo..just turn it ON
P.S: You tube ada new home page look ^_^.modern.really pack..but cool

Harap rakan2 dapat lakukannya setelah melihat tutorial..TQ
Now..back to reading arabic for arabic SPM test next week.

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