Rainy holiday


Dear blog.
I had been absent for three days since I had to accompany my mom balik kg in Perlis.We returned by SP bumi bas.Really a bumpy ride,cannot sleep,the bus  accelerated like  a F1 car.I just pray that we will be safe until, we almost hit an elephant on the hill.Luckily,no accident.The bus manage to hit the brake.But the passenger were quite funny.They seemed to..enjoy?They shout ..”bangun2!ada gajah!”and snap some pictures and some said..”la,gajah seekor jer..”,Alhamdulillah,we were able to reach Kangar exactly 6 a.m.After solat subuh,I still tired.So..of course la go to sleep!the rest of the day.Quite boring.Mom need to settle the problem regarding some issues – main reason why we balik kg.And me?I just sat on the couch,reading Sherlock Holmes and KPP books – although I didn’t  register yet at the PSM.Just preparing for the undang2 berkomputer  test.Congrats to piqa and fakhy since they pass the test

My mom went to ‘work’ until evening and in the night,all of my mother siblings held a meeting until..well,3 a.m.And the meeting held in the room where I supposed to sleep.So,didn’t know what to do.Just watch mission impossible III and tried to sleep afterwards in the living room,but the mosquitoes attack  were Crazy!TQ for my aunt who give me a blanket to sleep when I pretend to sleep.I ‘pretend to sleep’ until the meeting is over – 3 a.m.I didn’t feel uncomfortable at all.

On the next day.Same day again.Mom leave in the morning,I read books,played songs in mp3,watching tv in the room where I sleep – which I taught it was broken at first.Guess what?there are Rats! behind the TV.I frequently took a glimpse on the rats looked rather ‘lost’ going to every corner of the room.The saddest part,the cat in the house just didn’t do anything at all!I guess all the cats and rats aren’t like Tom and Jerry.By night.It was  a Fun Movie night!Soo many Christmas movies ,so I watched ..almost all of them .one after another in each TV channel.Luckily no meeting that night.some are sweet romantic movies-hem3,oh,tv awards,and reality tv show and so on untill 1-2 a.m??that because my mom told me to go to sleep and the rats made loud squeaky sounds..

The last day went the same. Mom left in the morning,I read books,played songs in mp3,watching tv in the room where I sleep.I didn’t even had the time to go sightseeing or,shopping for cheap stuff in padang besar or go to town.It was almost a dull holida’vacation’.I felt like I’m a 6 years old kid left by her mother in the kindergarten when she’s go to work.Seem more realistic because I played with my cousins age 2,4,6 years old.-__-.I didn’t said it was not fun,but I miss home and felt ..alone.

I do learn new things during my stays in Perlis.Some just sad,and some aren’t so bad.But,this is the ‘balik kg’ I didn’t like actually.It just make me more…monophobic.I didn’t know what to do.I don’t have friends to say to me..’Hi,how are you doing..’ or ‘ long time no talk..’ or ..anything to chit chat- erm,because we rarely see each other anymore.But piqa actually sent a message about the hari raya card  I wrote to her and said how sad and she miss me.I’m a little happy.others give fancy writing which I don’t know if it was forward from someone else.-not really a full sincerely message-.I don’t have facebook soo I couldn’t connect with my friends easily.FB isn’t my thing to do.Sometimes,I think.when I  message to my friends a lot,and stopped a while,will they remember me..or maybe they don’t.They even care to start the message first unless I start first…………

p/s:6 a.m.Just arrived home 1 hour ago.Couldn't help myself to watch Merlin!!!last episode for season 4!!!!Need to load first.T.T

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