Rose for you as a farewell

December 19, 2017

and greetings

From my first impression, that person looks mischievous, looking reluctant, not taking thing seriously...

Then I watched that person grow up and mature but still have that goofiness air.

That person looks sensitive, look like a crybaby but very outspoken. Doesn't afraid to show his opinion and stance to the public.

The way people see you are different than the way I see you. 
People may perceive you as an admiration, as an inspiration, a rare talent or negatively etc.

You have been part of my life more than the people I actually met face to face. 

You have suffered a lot, and I'm sorry that people around you could not give a better reason for you to hold on.

I know you have a lot of worries, but we did not know it was that horrible.

To see you surrounded by flowers, it supposes to be beautiful, but why is a heartbreaking scene.

They said, to remove sadness, is by remembering happy moments. But some of my happy moment is including that person. I can't think of any happy moment except to distract myself with works...

rose for you

You said,
"You did a good job today, you worked so hard"

I said,
Thank you. No one ever said that to me. You eased me.

You said,
"It’s okay if you’re out of breath. No one will blame you. It’s okay to make mistakes once in a while. Everyone does that. To say it’s okay, even though it’s only words of comfort"

I said,
I will keep carry on. Even if no one notices me. Everything will be just fine.

You said,
"I feel like I’m alone. I don’t want to make it obvious to you. I’m used to just holding it in.Understand me"

I said,
Did you write that about me (jokingly)? Somehow you understand me. Thank you. 

Those words are not for us, is actually for you.

I'm sorry we did not realize it sooner. 

You asked us to tell you 'You did well' as a farewell. So, here goes...

You did well,
You have worked hard,
You suffered a lot,

Lastly, thank you for everything. I will remain supportive of the remaining even if that world does not exist anymore.  

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