December 18, 2018

I remember 18 December 2017 as a perfect day. Everything unusually went very well. I drove and brought my little sister shopping around town until late evening. It went well…..I felt it went ‘too’ well.

They say you never realize what you have until it’s gone

“It’s funny when you’re dead how people start to listening”
             If I Die Young – The Band Perry

The aftershock of last year event has shed light on various issues and unravel the ugly truth behind its glamour life to the “muggle”.

Also, it made me think a lot. About people, connection, hardship, empathy and re-evaluate all of this in life. It’s mysterious and at the same time quite ‘fascinating’. I, myself is quite naïve in social life. But when I strive to do better, I bound to fall.

“You never met that person! That person doesn’t even know you!
“What did that person did to you, to the society?”

Despite some of the foul and detestable reaction, I choose to see the best in it.

Is connection only exist interpersonal when people have direct contact with one another? How about indirect encounter? I feel connected when that person conveyed “You did well today". Little by little, I see the similarity that bridges us. It was an experience that I have to be cautious about.

It took time. I blocked everything that could remind me of someone I lost. From a one day grieving, to one week of numbness, to a month of healing. We all have our ways to deal with loss. But I'm fine.. I wish

At the end of my day, 
I want to tell you something you earn to hear,
even from the last farewell,
..You did well

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