The Big Bad Wolf: Spending, Reading and 'Tsundoku'

December 21, 2018

and Good evening

I'm 25 years old and this is my first Big Bad Wolf experience. First time I heard was around 5 years ago, from my roommate back during my 1st year in University. I came from a rural area in East Coast Malaysia, so that was my first contact with BBW. The first impression was - only English books..and CHEAP

Date: 12 December 2018
MIECC, The Mines

It was unexpectedly not crowded because we came during the non-peak hour, 10am. I see books..LOTS and LOTS of books. People grabbing their trolleys, aimlessly scattered. This is not the biggest one I have been but definitely the cheapish one. Most books cost range in between RM10 to RM40, well that depends on genre and packaging. 

There was no line at the  payment counter~~

My type 

I bought what I have to bought

A Big Bad Wolf-goer spends an average of about RM350, and in the past nine years, more than 40 million books have been sold

I bought these book with the total of RM68. If I pay with the original price, it will all cost about RM358. See how much I save people? Do the math yourself. 
p/s: I blame kak shy for tempting me to buy The Pointless Book. Inani persuaded me too, but I already throw it in my trolley

People were flooding, trolley were filled and money were spent. But the question come through my mind was, "Does people read all of those book they bought?"

The answer is definitely no. A lot of customers say that they bought too many books but they will still come to the sale, just that they buy fewer books....
 -Big Bad Wolf founders, 2018-

The founders know. Truth was not denied. 

Personally and truthfully from my own experience, there are books I bought which I could not finish, never read until the end, or never read. I bought with the positive mind "Oh, I will definitely read this...someday". Someday seems to turn to be forever.

They all feel they will get to it one day. And the good thing is books are evergreen and they make good décor. You’ll never feel that you bought something unnecessary

 -Big Bad Wolf founders, 2018-

Who doesn't like the smell of a fresh book,  flipping through pages rather than swiping e-book.

This is what Japanese people called as "Tsundoku". I used to be Tsundoku. But I will be one..for decorative purpose.

Back to the Big Bad Wolf, indeed it was sold in cheap and quite big amount (4.5 million books selling), I don't know if that is applied to some similar book displayed at the different clusters. Although there was  A LOT (like almost hall of the hall), is children book, maybe you can try to find your favourite book, new interesting one or just checking out big bad wolf cafe. It is definitely a yearly tradition for few people. 

Luckily I live (temporarily) 10 min away from Bookxccess, 24h bookstore and also the organizer for The Big Bad Wolf. Still, the price can be more expensive than the one sold at the exhibition.
Oh yes. I got these vouchers and coupon which I can still use at BookXcess~

Once I left the Big Bad Wolf exhibition hall, a "sarcastic" song was played. Young, Dumb and Broke.

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