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February 12, 2019

and Good evening

I forgot to drink Yakult today.....

I'm a very DIY-artsy-and little sentimental person. I thought of doing something special for someone special day (as usual). I want to make something from scratch. So, I went to DAISO today and found a special envelope instead.

In DAISO, you can get most of the products as low as 100-yen (Japan), USD$1 (USA) or RM5.90 in Malaysia. It used to be RM5...after economic drama these past years, the latest one is RM5.90.

Back to the envelope, I love it because it is very traditional. People don't use material these days to send greeting or wishes. It used to be cards, the electronic message or e-mail, and now social media. But I like old and traditional, they held dear to our precious memories.

I bought this design. This is the only one left (for this design), I have to grab this because the colour is soft and not too bright and not too strikingly fierce. But someone RIPPED the packaging and damage the paper inside....I know I want it, so, I don't care the ripped paper.. I'm not going to use that one.

The funny thing is. I thought it works as a "normal" envelope. It's not. Technically, I need a tutorial to use it. So googled and watched Youtube video. 

This is VERY traditional. It is deep filled with Japanese culture. I love it. I just summarized the materials function in the picture below. 


I can't read Kanji (except  水 Mizu because it looks simple and beautiful).....I don't know if that a happy or sad greeting, so I'm not going to use it (throw it off).

I did see different strings designs on the envelope. Mizuhiki is the decorative knot to tie the paper. Different knot is used for different occasions. After googling, I think mine is a knot for a celebration like Weddings. Nasib baik bukan for funeral. 

Noshi (red circle)

Lastly, you can see Noshi, decoration attached to the envelope. A blogger said Noshi is for happy events. Hahahahaha. I did buy the right envelope. 

There's soo much more to learn about manner from this envelope, especially in attending Japanese events (marriage, school entrance, funeral, etc.). How to properly fold the envelope, how to face the money bill at the right side, how much money you should give etc.

I supposed to filled up the white envelope with money, because that is the sole purpose of this money envelope.......But noOOoOoooo. I already invested RM5.90 for this envelope instead of making it from scratch and another DIY gift I prepared :P


  1. Ema bolehlah bagi duit raya nanti kat akak! 😛

  2. @marfeezal
    Kenapa kita kena bagi akakk. Sepatutnya akak bg Ema 🥰😚. Sayangila yang muda


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