Lonely Girl Dancing | Lukisan Acrylic #2

February 15, 2019

and Good evening

YASSS. Weekend!

As soon as I finished the last piece (sunflower), I know I want to do this ASAP. But it was quite tricky, because the last time I did, I just have different blue shades. So the blending was quite easy. This time around, I want to use turquoise, purple and pink shades. I tried to mix red and white, but it didn't work. It turned out to be a complete mess.

Bad blending

Soo, the first time was slightly a failure. What I did just swipe all colour in blue shades and have a clean slate. 

This is not my best. But I will keep it. The original sketch was to have the girl seen through a keyhole. If that, I had to use black paint and paint most of the sky pitch black. So I ditch that plan and work on this final 'form'.

The painting can be a little bit creepy. Menari tengah2 hutan. Again, I still want to try another painting. Waiting for the palette knife to arrive and ready to mess up my room.


  1. Ema! Cantiknya! Haha. Tak tau pulak Ema pandai lukis camginih!

  2. @Marfeezal
    Thank youuuuu. Biasa-biasa jer lukisan ni

  3. Mamaa, cantiknyaa mama lukiss ��������

  4. @Anonymous

    Thank you. InshaAllah, mama will paint a new one dalam masa terdekat.
    Hope it's better than this one


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