The Black Swan | Lukisan Acrylic #4

February 06, 2020

Seriously, rumah sebelah need to stop drilling too much, malam ni.

I was inspired to do this art from a recent event. 

When someone reminds me that passion is important to the heart of an artist.
When passion is withered, the artist starts to experience his first death.
Originally, my plan was to do something bright, flowery theme again (typical).  

All the colour I needed

I like this landscape...and then I ruin it later.

White swan

What was I thinking???

The painting also reminds me of the art I saw at an exhibition in KL. 


Sudah siap edit thesis. My eyes are super tired. Tengok balik lukisan ni. It turned out to be, not bad. Bila Ema siap lukisan ni, I'm not fully impressed. My technique, the colour choice etc.  Maybe my perfectionist side is stubborn to accept it. It's can draw more later.

Bila lama dah tak tengok....nampak okla pula. Hahaha. Agaknya emosi diri effect cara kita tengok sekeliling. 

My life has been plan out. But when things get out of the plan, I blacked out..

p/s: Ughhhhh. DAISO dah sold out poster canvas 😭..

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