They Teach Me

Hey..Ema bukan sempurna..
Ada kekurangan,
kurang perencah manisnya,atau mungkin terlebih garam~

Kalau terlebih gula?
Tambahlah garam,dan vice versa...

Experience is a great teacher..
But sometimes,it gets brutal and you have to endure the pain first..

Weelllll,I kinda feel the pain now,
But I actually learn something..
Learn from my friends..

They taught me to open my eyes,
Show what I am,
What I lack of,and overrrrr
But I think I can control it
Just a little courage.....and a pain in the neck
Oh man...

Slowly,they taught me to be a better person..
Show what I can become..
But,I still know what I want to be...butt..just don't get too over it
Don't ever be hypocrite!
Just be yourself and improve yourself everyday~

p/s:Ema banyak tergelak hari ni sebab pembentangan PQS orang lelaki..Dan sesi soal jawab lam pembentangan dirgahayu bahasaku..Humour..Something i need nowadays..


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