Flower Field | Lukisan Acrylic #9

August 22, 2020


Mengantuk sis 😪

Welcome to another painting episode. I watched an MV previous month and inspired to paint similar scenery with my amateur painting skill. 

©Ema. Flower field. Acrylic. 30 x 20cm

Supposed to paint this a month ago but got delayed by the canvas shipment. So, I decided to buy Daiso's canvas. It's new, unlike the stretched canvas I have commonly used.

Somehow, this canvas board dried out my acrylic paint 2x faster than the stretched canvas. I had to work on blending faster than normal. 

As usual. My brain says I can. My eyes say I can, but my hand says NOPE. Terrible mistakes. Very diluted acrylic paint.

Did I just paint Bob Ross's mountain?? Oh yes, I did. It was supposed to have more purple flowers.

Originally a white tree ended up to be a "cherry blossom" tree.

There were living creatures..But I'm not quite happy with it. My smallest brush damaged, so it didn't give out the right drawing that I aimed for. So...

I unpaint it.

Here is the final product. Definitely got more purple flowers.. Humans are deported for ruining the painting and sun is shining.

Have a nice day everybody. I think I might continue to follow up painting tutorial on Youtube.

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  1. cantiknya! you're so talented!

  2. it's so beautiful! This is awesome :D

  3. omgg!!! its amazing! i envy people who is good in arts!

  4. Wahhh! Cantik sangat lukisan ni. Mira tak pandai melukis tp Mira suka tngk org melukis ;)

    1. Thanks sis Miera!
      Ni mesti suka tengok YT drawing tutorial~

  5. Bakat Allah bagi kat you sis, cantik sangat!

    1. Alhamdulillah. Everyone has different talent.
      Ema has no talent in sports at all

  6. follow sini sebab suka tengok lukisan awak yg cantik..hehe

    1. Terima kasih bnanyak-banyak.
      Hope you'll have a good day today~


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