Fullstop | Master Journey #20


I am ready to paint something today, but my activity was halted with my brother request early in the morning to babysit my little niece. She injured her baby toes (my nickname to her cute little toes).

I don't know how to officially say this..but


LOL. tengah edit gambar baru perasan dia tulis convo event tahun 2021

After Eid Adha break, I returned back to UPM to complete my thesis submission. It took just 2 hours to finish my final submission, collect my senate letter and academic transcript. My master degree will be given at the postponed convocation ceremony.

Compared to myself two years ago, I was naive. My knowledge of research was limited. I was not scared, but determined. I was ready to take on the academic world but life was a strict teacher. 

I am not going to be blabbering about all the hardships as a Master student, I already dedicated a post here.

Now I am graduated, feels like my life has been reset. They say postgraduate life is scary, well, I think life after that feels more daunting.

@Alamanda, Putrajaya

I am scrutinizing all the possible life options, to avoid repeating the same mistake I have made. Whatever it will be, my wish is that I am happy with what I do. 

I will publish my final post for my master journey series on my graduation ceremony ᵏᵃˡᵃᵘ ᵃᵈᵃ.


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