Northern Lights | Lukisan Acrylic #10

August 28, 2020



Why this Cuckoo air purifier keeps going red. Habuk sangat ke bilik ni..

Since my last complicated landscape painting, I decided to tone down a bit and paint a simple landscape focusing on one subject. 

I admire my dandelion painting, so I explored Wowart painting tutorial for some easy tutorial to develope my skills.

Last time, I did a minuscule Bob Ross's mountain. So, why not paint a huge Bob Ross inspired painting. 

 So I followed the Northern Light tutorial by WowArts.

Turns out the most complicated thing was the sky...Aaaaah. Blending technique. My weakness. 

I need to be bold with colour. Sometimes, I feel like I just trying to be a perfectionist. I will end up wasting some of the paints.

The fun part was making the mountain because it was super easy since I already accustomed to using a palette knife, but still no expert.

I just wish I added more white lights to the sky. The rest. chef kiss.

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  1. what a perfect painting! if this kind of painting.. how much would it be sell?

  2. blogwalking here.. :)

  3. Salam, blogwalking here. done follow blog ini. woww, nice painting. :)

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you for your compliment! Appreciate that!

  5. wahhhhh cantiknya!!! Selalunya I tengok tutorial dekat youtube tapi tak pandai pun lukis2 ni. Saja tengok as therapy haha

    1. Terima kasih 🥰
      Sama.. Menghayati lukisan orang dekat YT.
      Follow pun tutorial yang simple2

  6. sangat berbakat ema ni, cantiknya!

  7. Wow, this is beautiful festival. I really like to see wonderful northern lights. We offer Northern lights trips. Book now to see this beauty


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