10 days before Viva | Master Journey #16

April 26, 2020


Hi Ho to those who obediently stayed at home without preposterous reasons to breach Malaysian Law. Last week I have received a notification by the Graduate School to conduct my Master Viva via online.

How was the preparation? 

I am studying, to refresh my memories on knowledge that could have been forgotten. I realized there was too much to digest considering my research covers wide topics. Mentally tired. While revising, I discovered lots of flaws in my thesis writing. I kind of expect mistakes, but never to that extend. Recalling back, I indeed finish my writing in a super stressful condition. 

I already prepared my slides, but yet to practice for my 20 minutes presentation online. How awkward it can be?

I am imagining different scenarios. Me, just staring at the the tiny teeny camera hole while flipping my slides..It is like I'm the teacher in this class, but I am being judged for something build to be assessed physically..interestingly, has become virtually. I don't know HOW the examiners going to mark my presentation, but they better include "make an eye contact  to the camera" in the marking scheme. 

By the way. My laptop has finally decided to crash 4 days ago and the automatic repair mode goes on loop. Of course no laptop repair shop is open. Don't worry. Mother comes to save the day. I am currently borrowing her laptop. All my files are saved on google drive since day 1 and I have double back up on my external drive. Sis come prepare! Currently, I just need to adjust and prepare using Skype. Pray that all of us has good wifi connection and generous lighting. 

I end my post update today with Mr. Sunflower I planted because this post (and myself) need some sunshine.

Sunflower. Day 40

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