Aurora mountain | Mini acrylic painting #15

December 13, 2020



Ema beli mini canvas sebab nak try miniature painting inspired by a contemporary artist. Tapi, bila sampai di tangan. The canvases look soo..tiny cute. Hahaha. Dalam hati "Ema, what are you thinking" 😅

Tapi, nak juga experimenting mini canvas. So, Ema try paint mini aurora painting. 

Actually. Look soo simple and time-saving berbanding lukis atas canvas 25 cm x 25 cm.

So...anyone wants this painting? 

Hint: I might give this one for free with customization.

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  1. Wau.. you have a gift.. cantiknya ema lukis...

  2. Lovely. A great gift to receive from.

  3. Replies
    1. Kalau nak, just join the giveaway.
      Kalau Atie ja join, probability untuk dapat is 1

  4. it! harus join, mana tau menang..leh letak side table at my office, chewah..dah siap tempat dah.. he he he..


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