Colourful winter | Acrylic Painting #18

December 23, 2020



Ema on winter painting frenzy this month! If you don't you know

I was browsing YT channel (macam biasa) and saw this beautiful mountain painted by sensei Duong Tieng. 

Since I am still bad at using a palette knife for painting a mountain. I thought I should give it another try.

©Ema. Colourful winter. Acrylic. 27cm x 22cm

ok. Let's start. First, masking tape!

The clouds...feels like..cotton candy

pit-pat. You did well

Contemplating. White sakura trees or pink sakura trees.

Ok juga mountain tu. Tapi nampak macam terlebih covered. Again, Ema excited sangat main calit gunung dengan white paint.

Pokok tu....pokok tu.......WELL. Never give up. I will keep practising 💪🏻

This painting is available at my Shopee Shop. Thank you.

p/s: Stop calling me for Insurance o(TヘTo)


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