Winter fishing | Mini acrylic painting #17

December 21, 2020

I came across with few texture paintings, but nothing caught my eyes than the one created by Golsa Golchini

It looks simple but according to Golchini, " meant to look understandable but in the same way they want to tell the most profound stories of all times..

Golsa Gochini used acrylic painting combining with digital printing to illustrate people or object. To make it more 3D, she painted more details to amplify the shadow effects. 

Today, I tried to learn texture painting by painting a simple painting inspired by Golsa Golchini's The Bright Side of My Darkness.

©Ema. Winter Fishing. Acrylic. 8 cm x 10 cm

I'm just a noob who wants to paint. Never thought a small canvas size required a lot of paint.

Let the knife do the work

This is where 2/0 brush comes in handy to paint these chibis pingus

Bila zoom in, masih lagi nampak texture canvas 😢. Nampaknya kena prime berlayer-layer baru hilang garisan halus di muka canvas

These miniatures painting look fun and playful. Sometimes we don't have to venture far to look for the small things that can be our little happiness. 

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  1. Cantiknya :) So nice. Awak jual ke?

    1. Wasalam. Terima Kasih.
      Lukisan ini tidak termasuk dalam list untuk dijual. Hanya sekadar try-try

      Online Shop coming soon

  2. klu yg noob mcm me tgk, mmg dah nmpk perfect gila

    1. 🤣 I still can do better 😥.. Hahahaha
      Baru tengok YT video - "Things an artist would never said" - _This painting looks perfect_

  3. Akak rasa, kalau ema jual yang macam ni, ramai akan beli hehe

    1. *Take note*
      InshaAllah, boleh consider masuk catalogue. hehehe
      Sekarang pun tengah susun, gambar mana Ema nak pindah milik.
      Bila check balik, bersusun lukisan canvas kat rak 😂

  4. uish cane lukis kecik2..power..heheh nice!

    1. berus saiz kecil + kesabaran + good eye



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