Serendipity Galaxy | Lukisan Acrylic #14

December 01, 2020

I'm trying a new art technique, which I have been planning on doing for a long time - masking tape.

©Ema. Serendipity Galaxy. Acrylic. 20cm x 30cm

Random morning, woke up and suddenly decided to paint a cat, with a galaxy. Considering last time my blue Galaxy look "disorganize", I just let my brush and sponge do it works.

Linings of masking tape, draw a shape and cut it

A shape of cat. Kak Shy said, its a calico cat

Decided to go for aqua sky, because it looks pretty in YT

I only used 4 colours, aqua, black, lemon yellow, and white. 

Starting to look better

I got my new thinnest brush! I can draw the subject better now

The most satisfying in masking tape art is!... Removing the masking tape. Aaahh..the peeling 😊. However, I think I didn't firmly press the tape-or my acrylic too diluted, the paint spread under the tape. I just have to paint it white to neatly finishing the paint.

Purrrrfect. Alhamdulillah, I felt quite happy with this one
Satisfaction rate: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

close up

It reminds me of watercolour painting. I never tried watercolour art before. A friend of mine suggested to paint "Starry Night" by Vincent van Gogh. I think the short brush stroke technique is pretty interesting. I might try this in the future. By the way, I have not yet varnished my paintings. I should do that soon..

My angel, my world
I’m your Calico cat, here to see you

UPDATE 13 Jan: I make a vlog and recreate this painting 

The painting is available at my art store

p/s: I'm preparing something on new year 


  1. awesomeness detected!

    cool enough...lgi cool daripada salji yg memg cool 🤣

    1. hahahaha. Thanks cuya 😎
      walaupun Ema tak cool, it's cool

  2. jual tak? mahal ni ema kalau jual..percayalah hehe

    1. 🤭🤭
      Yang ni untuk personal collection. Just for practice.
      In the future...inshaAllah. COMING SOON

  3. This is amazing! Cantik sangat-sangat <33

    1. Terima kasih banyak-banyak! ヽ(✿゚▽゚)ノ

  4. So beautiful art. Nice to see :)

  5. aida singgah dari blog Syaz.
    tahniah ye sebab mata tajam snap numbers :)

    cantik! aida ni minat lukis & warna.
    tapi tu la, duluuuu... lama da tinggalkan lukisan dan mewarna.
    bantu anak-anak aje.

    1. Selamat datang!
      I got lucky, twice ~

      Terima kasih.
      Nurture anak-anak lukis dan warna sama-sama.
      Ema pun lama tinggalkan seni, bila start PKP dan baru graduate, tiba-tiba nak mewarna balik

  6. Wah! jumpa geng suka melukis kat sini ^_^
    Salam kenal dik ema :)

  7. omg..memang suka art painting mcm ni...cantiks sgt...big clap!!!

    1. Masking tape or galaxy painting?
      Anyways, both are beautiful~~~


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