10 March 2015

Silent Treatment 1


Today class will go down to history. As usua,l expected the unexpected from today class lecture. She did not talk today. For some unknown reasons, she prepared  slide presentation written:

Ask Question

Be smart, and get even smarter

Something like that..
Surprisingly, she covered her mouth with duct tape.........

Now, we are left dumbfounded..Basically we need to Ask Question!

A asked question of Michaelis-Menten Theory..and she answered NO with her arm crossed - still with the duct tape on her mouth..

B asked another difficult question, but she did not reply at all

It caused quite a stir. People made assumptions..

What are today class is all about?

What are we supposed to do?

Can't think of any question!
I think we need to ask and 
the others will answer the question..
Are we suppose to act 
like she's not here? #curious
I can't do that..
I'm sitting in front of her 
and she's looking at me
I think she'll do something surprising 
at the end of this class
I cant stand it anymore!
Can we just go out?

Let us go~, Let us go~
Can't hold it back anymore
Turn away and slam the door~~

Apparently, that was my class buzzing about in What's app for 2 hours lecture.

After 2 hours of asking but no verbal reply from her, she took off the duct tape after the class ended...and yes..she spoke

Oh! She can speak..

In the end, everyone left with mixed emotions. Anger, unsatisfied, fooled, lost, questioning her act etc.  It really caused quite a stir in facebook, twitter etc. among students including with theirs family members.

In the afternoon for lab session.....

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