17 March 2015

Silent Treatment 2 - Resolution


The aftershock from early morning lecture session was still there..
A lot of questions were coming through  our mind.
But she told us, she will give the answer in the afternoon session..

Expected the unexpected..

" It is like what i predicted", she claimed

What is predicted? Our rave response?

It was..

Afterwards, she finally gave the reason for her 'absurd' act - shut her mouth with tape...


It was basically an experiment. So called "Black box Experiment"

Black box experiment is a scientific method used by Scientist..
It is a  scientific method for Scientist to understand a phenomena 


Making hypothesis



Giving Conclusion

All of this are used to know what is 'hidden' inside what so you called "black box"..

For example, we were given a black box contain different objects. We need to identify what is inside the box.. 

Test it, 
does the object rolls when the box is tilted? 
is it attracted to magnet? 
does it make any sound?

Make hypothesis and test your hypothesis. After obtaining the data, you may make conclusion and list all the possible objects in the box.

You need to ask the right question to obtain the right answer..

This is how Scientist figured out certain things. How it work. Provide question, test it out and look if it is correct.

"And it is important for  you -  as the future scientist- to know this method", She said

Basically, we asked the wrong questions from the beginning. 2 hours of silence was bombarded by stray questions of Michaelis-Menten Theory, when the learning objective for that day had nothing to do with the theory......T.T

All we need to ask her is question with either RIGHT or WRONG answer options.

Are we going to learn Michaelis-Menten today? -  X
Is this some kind of experiment? -  NOD

Well, at least i learnt my lesson that day..

Think rationally
Ask the right question
Don't judge people easily
Black box is indeed black and abstract
.....Oh, i am the future scientist?

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