22 May 2017

Last Biotech 131 Dinner Night & Family Day


'The Moment' when the boy dropped his phone. #CAUGHT ON CAMERA. Legend says the creatures under the lake are worshipping the phone.


Okay. Joke aside. PHOTO SPREE!!.Last gathering untuk family biotech. Instead of organizing malam 'glamourous' dan penuh 'formaliti' and Dress Code, kami dikerahkan untuk membayar RM50 for 2D 1N BBQ Night dan Family Day di Kempville Resort, Kuantan. 

As soon as arriving, semua berlari nak pergi makan keropok Lekor Kemaman


Macam scallop. Maybe Ema try masak nanti

Baby Prodigy!

 First time selepas 5 tahun berputih mata dalam event 'Lucky Draw', Ema dapat bawa balik biskuuttttt


Next morning, 'Aktiviti Lasak'. Instruktor tak ada, semua berkeliaran main sesuka hati tanpa paksaan. Dangerous, sebab bak kata Ema, sister dan brother, dua-dua sama 😈

Sori cameraman sebab jerit marah. Lain kali jangan hayun bila Ema ada, 'culture shock' nanti

Tak sempat nak mendayung rasa macam dah nak tenggelam  sebab orang sebelah duk menggelabah  :P 💕 Kak Shy

Orang Sabah nakk kahwin Disember tuu. Untungla siapa yang dapat memikat hati Kak Fatin Beautiful

Bila isteri menggandung sebelah tengok, si suami kena nampak macho

Saya suka berpaut

Dan berpaut

Sukan lasak atas air

Try to make this picture appropriate

Ada pantai tapi tak dapat pergi

Sister duk mereput tunggu gate bukak dan pergi dive kat pantai


P/S: Thank you for all the moments until now

13 May 2017

Kelas tamat maka kita...


Apa perasaan bila dah tamat kelas. 

Tak perlu....
berkejar ke kelas? 
risau bangun lambat? 
Fikir nak pakai baju apa, pilih tudung mana?
Mengadap screen projektor bagai bertahun lamanya?
Risau kena target dengan lecturer?
Nak menghadam pula 'suapan-suapan' yang melimpah-limpah....

Siapakah anda seterusnya - researcher, lab assistant, biotechnologist, lecturer, Dean, Professor, writer, entrepreneur, environmentalist, Chef, swimmer/diver, research assistant, businessman/woman, CEO, father, mother, a good old friend..... GOOD LUCK

Kelas dah tamat, so the first movement is to clean and clear all the notes. Ema banyak notes kertas sebab Ema suka print hardcopies. Minta classmate iklankan dekat junior, kot-kot ada yang nak. Tapi no response. 

My notes are arranged neatly..ni baru separuh

Instead of buang,


Image result for burn notes meme


Thank You uncle


"Salma tak pernah tidur dalam kelas"
dalam hati, Ema tersengih sorang-sorang....

Hakikatnya. Itu benar. 
Sementara belek notes-notes lama, jawapannya memang dah tertulis terlukis di situ

'normal' notes look like this

 When I feel sleepy and bored in class

When you pull your friend into a mess


Masih ingat lagi. 
Kelas 'English for Occupational Purpose'.
Sitting at the front row.
Rasa mengantuk dan bosan melampau.
Nani perasan, dia terus bagi.............note book dia
Dia suruh lukis sambil google character Luffy One Piece yang dia minat
The rest is ART.

Rasa macam memberontak dalam kelas sebab 2 jam ignore class like it was invisible...


Kalau mengantuk,
lecturer bagi permission untuk makan, minum, keluar pegi tandas...
gunakanlah sebaik mungkin......

11 May 2017

Final Year Project #13 Challenging


A:  Who wants to be a scientist??
Others: Salmaaa! SALMAA!!
Me: .......

A: Who wants to be a lecturer??
Others:........*dead silence*
Me: "Seriously? No one shouting my name now??"

It seems like they know me, but they are not. 
I'm really 'flattered' you are praying for my success as a scientist, but honey, that's not my future plan @ top priority. 

A scientist can be a lecturer, and a lecturer can be a scientist. 

But my interest is residing on one side. 
I know it's 'adat' for calling out and pointing fingers to other (not to themselves), but we are senior now, I don't think people will drop this so-called custom soon until they get married.

Imagine a 35 y/o citizen picking other people names,..................you can't! Because no such things will probably happen.   

Image result for people point finger at you

Sometimes it can be ok, but sometimes it can be really annoying. How true it may be, I just want my small voice to speak out and say 'Don't talk of others, talk of yourselves'

It's really irritating, especially when it's wrong.

I never said I want to become a 'scientist', who is the person in the world said that?? Don't mess with my future.


Dah habis sesi lepas perasaan. 
My current progress in thesis.

Since thesis submission - which supposedly is tomorrow - is postponed to 24th May, we got extra 2 weeks to finish the unfinished business. Yet, I'm still planning on submitting earlier. Already plan this before they drag the due date. So be it. I'm so sorry my SV since she's probably struggling to check my draft gain and again. 😃

Today is seminar day by Dr. Kamariah Long, a prominent figure in Biotechnology Research from MARDI. She's the 'Coconut Queen'.And bla bla bla ..talk talk talk. 

So, one important thing she said was 'to develop an identity'

it reminds me of a quote; 

In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different

I got what I came for. I was preparing for my VIVA @ Oral presentation for my FYP, encountered a lot of shortcomings in my research. Since basically this title was offered by my Supervisor, the sense of belongings is not there. Meaning, you are conducting a project as 'hired worker'. You do what you are asked to do. It creates a barrier, a limitation to what you can do. 

Sadly, I just break through the barrier recently,. It took a while, but I missed it.  

Right now I'm creating a counterplan.
By digesting knowledge and more research and reading. 

p/s: aaahh. Emma Swan will no longer be in Once Upon a Time.. She is the story! Save the savior

8 May 2017

Sister's Biotech 131 Night


me: To those who will be getting married in 2-3 weeks...

classmates: *GASSSPPPPPP*. HA! Kantoi!!


Yesterday night was filled with Bollywood, acapella, gifts, photo frenzy etc.

Image result for girls only no boys allowed

Here come the first wave. When you put Bollywood and girls together, we might find Madhuri Dixit, Kajol or Karisma Kapoor somewhere on the stage. The uncontrolled and unorganized version I mean. Still, A for efforts. All was gone during this crisis time...

SV: Why you send your draft late?
Student 1: I was practicing Bollywood's dance
SV: Why you also send late?
Student 2: I was finding my 'inner' Kajol

Related image

Sisters really love to dance Bollywood..

I have to admit, I went loose yesterday night too. Putting up my LED screen and wave like crazy at the back....If i'm in front, I will be tight as a penguin.


We had 3 'Divas' belted out some notes. Our Top Female Student sang like she almost got A- for singing. In reality, she hit the notes like she is answering calculus. Confident and effortless.(I never heard her in Smule). She always sings in the car. Unluckily, I was there too. I was horrid like usual. But, yesterday, I controlled myself. I don't want to overshadow the singers. 

Image result for tone deaf meme
I'm not tone-deaf. Simply can't sing


Gift exchange..thanks Allah it is just between the sisters. I don't know what to do if brothers are included too. Hard to find a present. Imagine brother getting a beauty mask or sister getting masked rider cards (It did happen in our 1st year, it was Batman/Superman something)

I GOT IKEA! I just want IKEA bag with IKEA stuff, but I know there is no IKEA stuff. So, basically, I got thrilled by IKEA logo bag. It's okk. I just happy with anything in it


They picked out names for 'heart to heart moments'. I pull out a paper with lucky names. Luckily, I was not from ' The Lucky' 5. All finished when they had to call for few extra speech. So, I had to make the last speech as 'the youngest in class'. My fault, I shouldn't proclaim that earlier... 

I was very happy, excited and -hyper- to give out my 'will'.As predicted, it was all over the place. But all was well. 

And then it turned out, there was no name on the paper....They just call any names - mostly the quiet and reserved ones- out..(semangat sister ni cabut nama 😒...)

I felt betrayed......

I wanted to share this earlier during my speech, but I forgot..... So, here goes

Click to enlarge if you forgot you have a bad eyesight

               Again, thank you, my friends, for making me a better person.

Gambar wajib setiap event

Oh yeah! No one is getting married this month. I mistakenly said that. It is supposed to be next month.....I jus created havoc. Sorreiii.

p/s: Last class this week!!!!!

2 May 2017

Final Year Project #12 Kata-kata tidak perlu berbunga


Next week nak kena hantar thesis, malam nanti nak hantar final draft to my SV. Hampir 1 bulan tulis Result and Discussion. 1 bulan tak cukup sebab nak kena baca banyak scientific papers untuk back-up results yang hampir ke laut. Scan paper macam scan makanan dekat supermaket, kutip mana yang nak..

Sebelum ni ada hantar part introduction, banyak grammtical error. Hantar result and discussion, pun banyak grammatical error..

Malam nanti nak hantar remaining part of thesis. Tak nak pisang berbuah 3 kali, check grammar betul-betul. Tapi Microsoft Word 2013 Ema tak betul, tak check in detail..Oleh sebab tu, Ema download 'Grammarly' - sebab tertengok ad dekat youtube-

Efficient. Dia akan bagi explanation kenapa salah dan perlukan correction.Bukan untuk microsoft word sahaja, mesej social network, comment youtube and even post blog ni pun dia check grammar! Tapi kalau nak check plagiarism, kena bayar lebih.


Enough promoting Grammarly app. Situation FYP students UIA sekarang ialah..

Ada yang masih berada di makmal. Ada yang sedang mengemas kini thesis. Ada yang...melancong...

Pesanan Ema untuk yang berada dalam 'kekalutan' atau nervous takut tak siap, fokuskan pada menulis tesis. Keep writting simple, conscise and clear (penangan EOP class), ayat tidak perlu berbunga sakura, bunga kertas pun dah cantik. Don't be too wordy. Cite banyak papers, dan baca banyak papers. Check Format! 

Nak pulak hujung ni ada banyak program dan outing . Lepas submit thesis, pergi outing 2D 1N di Kempeville Resort. Sister ni tak sabar nak jalan-jalan sebelum graduate~

p/s: Shopping hadiah untuk exchange gifts Biotech Sister Night dekat Daiso macam cari barang sendiri. 


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