Sister's Biotech 131 Night


me: To those who will be getting married in 2-3 weeks...

classmates: *GASSSPPPPPP*. HA! Kantoi!!


Yesterday night was filled with Bollywood, acapella, gifts, photo frenzy etc.

Image result for girls only no boys allowed

Here come the first wave. When you put Bollywood and girls together, we might find Madhuri Dixit, Kajol or Karisma Kapoor somewhere on the stage. The uncontrolled and unorganized version I mean. Still, A for efforts. All was gone during this crisis time...

SV: Why you send your draft late?
Student 1: I was practicing Bollywood's dance
SV: Why you also send late?
Student 2: I was finding my 'inner' Kajol

Related image

Sisters really love to dance Bollywood..

I have to admit, I went loose yesterday night too. Putting up my LED screen and wave like crazy at the back....If i'm in front, I will be tight as a penguin.


We had 3 'Divas' belted out some notes. Our Top Female Student sang like she almost got A- for singing. In reality, she hit the notes like she is answering calculus. Confident and effortless.(I never heard her in Smule). She always sings in the car. Unluckily, I was there too. I was horrid like usual. But, yesterday, I controlled myself. I don't want to overshadow the singers. 

Image result for tone deaf meme
I'm not tone-deaf. Simply can't sing


Gift exchange..thanks Allah it is just between the sisters. I don't know what to do if brothers are included too. Hard to find a present. Imagine brother getting a beauty mask or sister getting masked rider cards (It did happen in our 1st year, it was Batman/Superman something)

I GOT IKEA! I just want IKEA bag with IKEA stuff, but I know there is no IKEA stuff. So, basically, I got thrilled by IKEA logo bag. It's okk. I just happy with anything in it


They picked out names for 'heart to heart moments'. I pull out a paper with lucky names. Luckily, I was not from ' The Lucky' 5. All finished when they had to call for few extra speech. So, I had to make the last speech as 'the youngest in class'. My fault, I shouldn't proclaim that earlier... 

I was very happy, excited and -hyper- to give out my 'will'.As predicted, it was all over the place. But all was well. 

And then it turned out, there was no name on the paper....They just call any names - mostly the quiet and reserved ones- out..(semangat sister ni cabut nama 😒...)

I felt betrayed......

I wanted to share this earlier during my speech, but I forgot..... So, here goes

Click to enlarge if you forgot you have a bad eyesight

               Again, thank you, my friends, for making me a better person.

Gambar wajib setiap event

Oh yeah! No one is getting married this month. I mistakenly said that. It is supposed to be next month.....I jus created havoc. Sorreiii.

p/s: Last class this week!!!!!

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