30 August 2016

Hei Introvert!

Assalamualaikum and Hi!

caution: This post is written in English and Malay

KFC Mid Valley, 2013

Sesi last Usrah. Perjumpaan terakhir sebelum transisi dari pusat asasi ke ijazah sarjana muda. Akak usrah ada menghulurkan sekeping kertas untuk setiap seorang. Peraturan dia senang, setiap orang perlu tulis 'pendapat' atau 'pandangan' tentang nama ahli usrah yang tertera atas kertas. Passing  dan lipat macam kipas jepun(biar secret sikit). Biasa dengarkan. Setelah game tamat, semua dapat kertas masing-masing. Ada yang tergelak dan merah pipi. Ema buka lipatan kertas satu-persatu dan yang menarik perhatian Ema ialah perkataan 'introvert'

Apa tu?

Ema tanya Afiqah tinggi,' Introvert tu apa?'

Fiqah balas 'Lawan Extrovert...'

Dalam hati Ema 'Apa pulak tu..'

Jawapan yang tak memuaskan. Lepas tu, Ema cari sendiri makna disebalik perkataan 'introvert' yang dikomen member usrah lain.


One central dimension of personality is introversion versus extroversion. An introvert is a person who draws energy from time spent alone. Introverts find social situations draining and need time alone to recharge after being around people. They tend to be introspective and like to explore thoughts and feelings. They may prefer to talk about concepts and ideas rather than making small talk. -Arlin Cuncic, 2016-

Betul kata Afiqah. An introvert is the opposite of extrovert.

Introvert VS malu

Introvert kurang bersosial sebab lebih suka bersendiri. Orang pemalu kurang bersosial sebab takut untuk bersosial. -Carol Bainbridge, 2016-

Introvert test

Ada test ker sebelum kita layak digelar 'Introvert?'. Umpama kita claim diri ni genius. Macam mana nak claim diri ini genius? Kena test dan  masuk Mensa ke? 
(p/s: Mensa pertubuhan untuk orang intelek yang terpilih..the chosen one -Ema, 2016-)

Briggs and Myers test adalah salah satu ujian personaliti untuk kenal pasti anda introvert atau extrovert. Tapi, online test lagi menyeronokkan kan~. 

Here are what I got;

Hidup Introvert

1. Introvert nampak pendiam. Tapi  sebenarnya banyak perkara bermain dalam fikiran. Bila duduk sorang-sorang, fikiran jadi satu rutin harian . Macam sekarang. Fikir nak buat apa hujung minggu. Bercucuk tanam? Sabtu ni balik UIA pukul berapa? Macam mana nak beli buku 'The cursed child'. 

p/s: We did the same game during my 2nd-year biotech gathering. My foreign classmate wrote ' You seems to think a lot'.

2. Aktiviti bersosial bukan aktiviti pilihan (seldomly  I can survive). Satu pencapaian terbaik apabila dapat bersosial dan rancak berbual dengan orang lain. Dalam satu majlis, Introvert akan duduk - sama ada seorang diri berhampiran Exit door atau berada dalam kelompok kawan rapat. Introvert sukakan hidup yang penuh privasi. Ema tak suka share hal peribadi. I like to keep things to ourself.

3. Aktiviti yang paling disukai. Waktu untuk diri sendiri. Alone time. Laptop, internet connection, phones and earphone, books. They are precious. Introvert biasa tolak pelawaan orang untuk pergi outing atau jalan-jalan. Sebab duduk dalam bilik lagi best.

Tapi tak semestinya setiap masa introvert suka solitude. Bila lama sangat menyendiri, sosial level jadi low. Akan timbul juga keinginan untuk bersosial tapi tak berlebihan. Kiranya sosial secara sederhana. Small close friends are better than having a large acquaintance. 

Perks and loss of introvert

Based on my own experience, an introvert is alert to surrounding sometimes. They think and analyze the situation, then they talk. Introvert alert on what they say and what they do. Like Holmes said 'You see but you do not observe - Scandal in Bohemia'. One of my favorite quote from Conan Doyle. We think a lot. Therefore, we need high storage brain capacity.

The bad thing is sometimes introvert need to socialize to build a good network connection. Especially in career and industry that requires good network base. An introvert may have trouble in that area.  

Successful introverts

Can you name them?
Surprise!! Miranda Priestly is (or was) an introvert. 😃


Me, Now

But now I  talk a lot, try to start a discussion, sign up for programme very little by little, went outing with close friends only, jump into my neighbors' rooms and chat for hours and share part of my world to you guys in Blog. But I still don't want to sign up for facebook, twitter, Instagram etc. I feel insecure even though there is privacy option. 
Sometimes, there is time I want to open a twitter account but not as myself. Incognito mode.

Image result for introvert quote

I like the last line

'I just need to not talk to anyone for a while'
And that is when people call you arrogant. 
But hey, I know who I am at least.

p/s: Lucky for you guys I'm ranting about me when I never did.

14 August 2016

Remember 22


Remember the day you were born? Of course you don't

Remember every year we will celebrate your birthday. 
Sometimes we will have birthday party, inviting all these unknown children 
The fun things was..to prepare the door gift and opening up the gifts

Remember when you first time went to LIMA Langkawi
Your crying was louder than the jets.
And you always agonize about that until today.
"Why i cried. it just jets, not a human-sized ultraman........."

Remember when you thought you are the youngest. 
7 years later, this came..
and another one, 
and another one....

Remember your kindergarten days.
You tried to 'runaway' but got caught..........Twice.

Remember your 14th Birthday, the whole class sing Happy Birthday and someone gave you candy. You acted like a child *facepalm*

Remember your last day in high school. 
An anonymous left "something" on your table.
You keep it close to you all the time.
And then you feel apologetic 
because you lost it 1 1/2 years later....

Remember when you entered University/foundation studies for the first time. 
1 year later you entered degree,
You think back....

"What just I did!??"

Remember your first date
You went to Thailand, Vietnam, China, Egypt, Korea and Japan for 3 hours

Remember how happy you were when submitting your Khat during exam,
and you took a  picture...
And then you realized you missing something in the art.......#fail

Remember you met this people, 
and the rest become history...

Happy 22nd Birthday
May You create more wonderful memories


2 August 2016

Postgraduate Seminar Day


Fakulti sains dan teknologi makanan UMT menganjurkan seminar day untuk postgraduate. One of the purposes for this event is for the Master and PhD students to share their progress and also to present their proposal to others. Sambil tu judges akan menilai presentation diorang, give marks and comments  and lastly...prize giveaway.

Disebabkan program ni kekurangan runner, Ema volunteerkan diri untuk jadi runner. =)

The  room I was in-charge of

Kerja Ema adalah untuk memastikan slides ready dalam laptop, LCD n PA system ok dan kutip borang markah. Supposedly setiap kali students habis present, Ema kena kutip borang tu lepas tu  berlari hantar ke runner lain yang tengah key in markah dekat bilik lain. Tapi, Ema hampir buat adegan tarik-menarik kertas dengan judges. 

'Yer, sabar...'

'saya tau...'


'Aish awak ni, tak sabar betul..'

Ha3. ya ya judges, lepas tu Ema tunggula lama sikit untuk kutip bagi mengelakkan buat action drama (kih3)..

Judges hot seat

Bila dah siap semua present, Ema terus berlari ke makmal sebab nak ambik gambar experiment gel SDS-PAGE yang fail for the 13th time dan prepare untuk repeat experiment again. Ema skip jer closing ceremony dan lunch sebab result experiment lagi penting T.T.


Witnessing the presentation of Master and PhD students gave me a tiny idea  on what its like to succeed as postgraduate students. Research students need a lot of attribute to achieve that. Perseverance, hard work, soft skill and etc. If you have good ideas but fail to present and deliver them to your audience, it is like falling into a hole before the finishing line.

It also make me think....what will I going to do next.


I was in charge as a runner in Agriculture students room...
I am a food biotechnology student.
90% of the presentation is hard to grasp. 
I want to become runner in Food Science room because they present stuff that doesn't clogging my brain 90% of the time and also give me a brief idea on what to do next. 
I got no luck.

But one of the thing that grab my attention is one of the student showed this beautiful, cool, breath taking image of microscopic view using my favorite Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM)

My goal in lab is to use and master (inshaAllah) using that Scanning Electron Microscope so that i can see more things i can't see with my naked eyes beautifully *_*

At the end, this postgraduate student kindly gave free dessert to eat. Of course i must eat it! Dessert is my favourite meal ~
There was cheese tart, cream puff and chocolate cake (?)
I took ' cream puff' when it turned out to be 'tuna mayonnaise puff'



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