Remember 22

August 14, 2016


Remember the day you were born? Of course you don't

Remember every year we will celebrate your birthday. 
Sometimes we will have birthday party, inviting all these unknown children 
The fun things prepare the door gift and opening up the gifts

Remember when you first time went to LIMA Langkawi
Your crying was louder than the jets.
And you always agonize about that until today.
"Why i cried. it just jets, not a human-sized ultraman........."

Remember when you thought you are the youngest. 
7 years later, this came..
and another one, 
and another one....

Remember your kindergarten days.
You tried to 'runaway' but got caught..........Twice.

Remember your 14th Birthday, the whole class sing Happy Birthday and someone gave you candy. You acted like a child *facepalm*

Remember your last day in high school. 
An anonymous left "something" on your table.
You keep it close to you all the time.
And then you feel apologetic 
because you lost it 1 1/2 years later....

Remember when you entered University/foundation studies for the first time. 
1 year later you entered degree,
You think back....

"What just I did!??"

Remember your first date
You went to Thailand, Vietnam, China, Egypt, Korea and Japan for 3 hours

Remember how happy you were when submitting your Khat during exam,
and you took a  picture...
And then you realized you missing something in the art.......#fail

Remember you met this people, 
and the rest become history...

Happy 22nd Birthday
May You create more wonderful memories


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