23 January 2017

My own room


As soon as I open the door, all I did was staring blankly to four walls. It kind of a weird feeling. Quiet and empty somehow. 

Reminds me of those days when I return to UIA. There are four of us in a room. All was...........WAIT A MINUTE. It's still the same. XD. I inhabited  a "cave" back then too. The difference is, no one will shout "SIAPA TU??".
And I have my own view after almost 2 years of sun blocked.

Bigger now ~ 3.5 x 2.5 m room

I will probably need ear plug during sport season soon

Even this room feels like a containment. Bilik muhasabah diri. 

Enough with mood swing and back to reality. Even if we are not roommates anymore, we are still neighbors ^__^. This neighbor will make sure the other neighbors are not starving. So I make Portuguese egg tart. First time. Lazy to make the dough so I bought Puff Pastry Square. It kinda burnt, but It was filled with 💓



My best companion is visiting me again like every other year.
It used to put smile on my face but now I want to say
"I'm fine now.."
But I still smiling, like meeting an old friend 

Image result for rain smile

I wish for peace and serenity for years to come.

p/s: I came back home after 12 weeks in UIA kuantan even though i lived in Terengganu sip tea

p  p/s: This room has super awesome fast WIFI. Blessed

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