29 September 2010

Sad T.T

Since this is the beggining of 2 days of holiday..I just plan to relax my self (:P) and watch some koreans drama I use to watch when I was a kid..
And one of it is my 1st ever watvh korean Drama..
And of course it's
who could forget that ost..(I know I do..common,i still kid that time..i blur at each episode now)
But one thing that never make me forget..it the theme song..

Now I'm watching this again..
I think i will be shed in tears..
NOOO...Seriously...I think i will

But that's not the thing..
I think i want to watch this korean drama because this one of my childhood memories..
i forgot my old days..
I miss my childhood memories..so much T.T
*i think this will make me more ~rainy~*


And the second one~MUHAHAHAHA
kaklang~I already said~i'm going to watch your korean DVD..he3..
btw,your ring and locket is under the bed..
now I'm watching..........


this one i totally remember the episode..not blur at all....
Love their childhood actors and memories..

Ema dah kena angau Korea?????
Erm...tidak..masih lagi ok~
Cakap pasal Korea

"Adakah seorang lelaki berubah semata-mata minat Korea drama?"

p/s:Piqa, Sal tak boleh kata Ok lagi..kalu Fakh KO ema pun KO jugkla..oh lupa..
NICE JOB FAKHRIAH pasal MC pagi tadi..ha3..~slow down ~

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