14 July 2010

Congrats Teacher!

Because today post is about my English Teacher,-so i gonna SKIPPING! - who just transfer here from LONDON!..naahh.juz kidding,actually she from Sekolah Titingwangsa(uuuu)..
Such a nice teacher~
remember i babbling something about my teacher absent these past few days and it really annoyed me and my friends to do our eng oral which suspended almost 1 month (HE3..but we all manage to complete our english forum oral this week),
4 al kauthar got a news from our teacher that..
she said something about 'month'..
Then everyone whispering and i'm blurring(-.-')
Then I'm found out that my English Teacher..


HOORAYY(no idea why i'm hooray-ing)
Congrats Teacher Rohayu Binti Daud.
It's look like teacher gonna have your second child in 6 month(count yourself the baby age in the tummy)
And i recklessly asked teacher loudly and excitedly if it boy or girl(now i'm the excited one)..
People gave me stare..HA3.Stupid me.
Oh yeah.Tomorrow is temu murni.By any chance.Teacher will show us the video she took of our Eng Oral.And that include everyone footage of our oral.READY TO COVER MY FACE TOMORROW!

p/s:Today in BIO.we have a PICNIC in lab!Everyone brought their own fruit(yum3)

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