23 December 2010

Let the rain decide

I can hear the sweet sound of the rain out of the window when I woke up today...
What did you know!
It's rain..

I just have another crazy dreams...
How hard for you to not lettin' go someone you like
and for you to ran away from an evil maniac chasing you..Ha3..

But,those dreams didn't bother me at all..
What is more stronger..
Is that I should make a decission..

Should I go...Or should I not go..
I keep asking my self the same question every minute..
But every minute are not crucial at all..
I felt that my decission will not effect me..

I kept thinking until I heard the sound of the rain..
It has not stop yet..
It keep falling,felt like the rain misses it duty to fall on the ground...
I close my eyes and i got buzzed...

I smiled
'Let the Rain decide....if I should go or not...'

If the rains keep piercing the ground,and the thunder keep painting the sky..
until the clock stroke two
I have no doubt,
that i'm not meant to go there today

Ame ga jimen ni ochi tsuzukeru baai wa shomei ga,watashi tsumori wa nai kaminari ni sora o hoji shimasu

~I guess I should sitting on my bed and watch through the window~
and smile~

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