9 December 2010

Meteor Shower


And a very happy and freshing day today.
Ok,few minutes ago.I was surfing the internet when i came acrossed Yahoo Homepage..
I was looking at the news and strolling the news whe n i saw a news about 'dazzling star' news

Good news is,there will be the last meteor shower occur in 2010
Which is Geminid Meteor Shower
According to Astrologist,this will be the best meteor shower that occur in 2010

Sadly,I never watch a meteor shower in my life..I am hoping to see one.But I don't know if I can see one in Malaysia.I never heard or read a news about Malaysian saw meteor shawing dazzling in Malaysia Sky before.

Well,the next meteor shower is Geminid Meteor Shower,which is possibly occur on 12 December at ...errr...i don't know what time zone is at Malaysia

oh yes,i also read on Yahoo News about a new movie believe to be a threat to TWILIGHT....
What attracted me is that, part of the movie is filmed in Malaysia~in ladang kelapa sawit.....~

Geminid Meteor Shower..Subhanallah..I want to see one..

p/s:When I was writting this post,my sis got a call,it was rather tense.I tought it was my father calling from his office checking on us at home,but it was rather a sad news accompany him as he said that.....our grandafather died few minutes ago at Perlis...It was sad for some of us but i was also glad coz my mom got to spent the last time with him at Perlis right now.I heard mom and my little brother were sleeping outside the corridor hospital at Perlis last night.....

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